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About the project POWERMU.NET

POWERMU.NET is free MMORPG MuOnline game server with thoroughly worked-out positive gaming atmosphere. POWERMU.NET is considered as one of the pioneering MuOnline projects in Europe. The project is developing rapidly. Having new updates, changes and fixes every week - everything for the best gaming atmosphere.

POWERMU World is going to open 3 different servers in total, which will be in a stable way working 24/7 long-term, growin g and developing - that is why many gamers are staying here and believe in us. In MU We Trust - Join US.

Join us and enjoy the game, find new friends among a hundreds of gamers from various countries, participate in quests. Our GMs are constantly keeping order. They willprovide you with advice and help. Become a respected gamer. The most respectable gamers are invited to become GMs.

• Powerful servers
• Fast Internet connection
• Convenient Market
• Limited Webshop
• Interesting event system
• Your own reputation
• Trustworthy GMs
• Perfect gaming community